Water Based Rosin Esters: A Green and Efficient Solution

1 Jan

Nowadays, the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials has become an important focus for the development of industrial processes. In this context, water-based rosin esters stand out as an innovative and environmentally friendly solution, used in various applications in many sectors. In this article, a detailed review will be made about the properties, advantages and application areas of water-based rosin esters.

What is Rosin Ester?

Rosin esters refer to a type of ester group formed by the esterification of resins obtained from natural resins and generally obtained by distilling the sap of resinous trees. These esters generally have a sticky, transparent and resinous structure.

Water Based Rosin Esters

Water-based rosin esters are rosin esters formulated with water instead of traditional solvent-based solvents. This is important to reduce environmental impact and offer a safer alternative to occupational health and safety issues. Water-based formulations take advantage of the natural advantages of water while providing high performance and application flexibility.


  • Environmentally Friendly: Water-based rosin esters generally do not contain VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as solvents. This feature improves air quality and reduces negative effects on the environment.
  • Good Adhesion Properties: These esters have adhesion properties that make them suitable for many industrial applications. Its high adhesion properties are preferred in the production of adhesive materials and adhesive labels.
  • Water Resistance: Water-based rosin esters attract attention with their water resistance properties. This feature is especially advantageous when used in outdoor applications and the packaging industry.
  • Non-toxic: Water-based formulations generally have non-toxic properties, providing a safer option in manufacturing processes and product use.

Scope of application

Water-based rosin esters offer a wide range of applications. These applications include:

  • Packaging Industry: Water-based rosin esters are widely used in the production of packaging materials. Water resistance and adhesion properties can increase the durability of packaging materials.
  • Labeling: Water-based rosin esters are preferred in the production of adhesive labels. This can improve labels' adhesion and water resistance.
  • Wood Processing: In the wood processing industry, water-based rosin esters can be used as an environmentally friendly option for adhesives and coatings.
  • Paper and Board Production: In paper and board production, the use of these esters can increase the strength and durability of paper products.

Water-based rosin esters offer various advantages in industrial processes with their environmentally friendly properties, high adhesion properties and various application areas. This innovative solution plays an important role in efforts to achieve sustainability goals. Water-based rosin esters will continue to be an attractive option for companies and industries looking to reduce negative environmental impacts in industrial production.