founded in Istanbul in Jul 2009, GCC PROTEK supplies high quality industrial raw materials to ceramic, paint, ink, rubber, paper, food, agriculture, cosmetics, adhesive, construction and many other industries. 
By meeting the raw material needs of Turkey, Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America and North African countries with effective supply chain management, transportation and logistics network, it contributes to the adaptation of its customers to global industry dynamics. 
The company's goal is to deliver the raw materials needed by the industries with the awareness of responsibility in the best quality, the most favorable prices and conditions, on time and in full.
GCC PROTEK works as the sole authorized representative of RB Group, which is the world's largest manufacturer in the field of Natural Resins (Gum Rosin) and Esters (Rosin Esters), with 8 production facilities in Brazil and 2 in Spain, in Turkey-Middle East-Eastern Europe and Russia regions, and supplies Gum Rosin-Colophonium Rosin, Rosin Ester, Gum Turpentine and other derivative products to these countries. 
Believing in the importance of efficient production, GCC PROTEK ensures that its customers make informed choices with full support and advice, conducts its commercial activities with a win-win and customer-oriented policy, and confronts its business partners with a performance beyond expectations.
GCC PROTEK, which is environmentally sensitive and has a high social responsibility awareness, will always continue to produce the best solutions for its customers and suppliers with its flexible and dynamic structure.

Our values, mission and vision…
Its partners, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in its own sector, young-dynamic-educated employees, respected customers and suppliers with whom it cooperates nationally and internationally, sector experience and brand are the biggest capital and most valuable assets of GCC PROTEK. However, Sustainability, an Innovative and Quality-Oriented Perspective, Respect, Honesty and Trust are among the values of our company. Dec. 
The company's management and sales experience is in the fields of chemistry, marketing, finance, logistics, international trade and law.  
Sundays Jul has adopted the mission of “being the best in quality and service” in order to meet the requirements of its customers, delivering the highest quality products in accordance with international standards with competitive prices on time and being the first and most reliable business partner in the raw material groups it has procured and becoming the industry leader in the relevant markets every year. 
Besides being a supplier for its customers, GCC PROTEK's vision, acting as a consultant and always trying to offer the best, is to create customer satisfaction definitively with quality products supplied on time and under the most favorable conditions.

Strategic network...
GCC PROTEK, which is actively engaged in trade with more than 15 countries around the world today, is based in Istanbul-Turkey. Jul also has a strategically located office in the Castellon region of Spain and storage areas in various regions for timely supply of needs.