Printing Inks


Printing ink is the dispersion of a colored pigment in a liquid and is formulated to form an image on an underprint material. All printing inks consist of four main components; they are colorants, binders, solvents and additives.
In the production of printing inks, resins are used for general purposes such as adjusting the viscosity of printing inks, ensuring the adhesion of pigments to surfaces, and improving the quality of printing.
Resins used as binders in printing ink contribute to the hardness, gloss, stickiness and elasticity properties of the ink.
Resins can also be used to give brightness and opacity to printing inks, thanks to the resin used, it ensures that the prints are alive and well-looking.
Maleic Resins, Fumaric Resins, Penta Ester Resins, Modified resins (Double-base acid-modified resins, Maleic Modified Glycerol ester resins, Maleic Modified Pentaerythritol Ester Resins, etc.)