What is Colophon Resin? Where is Colophon Resin Used?

1 Jan

Colophon Resin (Gum Rosin) is a solid form of resin obtained from pine and some other plants, mostly conifers, in which volatile terpene components evaporate by heating fresh liquid resin

Natural resin is mainly composed of two parts, colophon and turpentine. In order to separate these components from each other, it is necessary to undergo distillation. The volatile part gets the name turpentine and contains terpenes in its structure. The solid part that remains after distillation and contains resin acids is called colophane

Its most important uses include adhesives, cosmetics industry (wax), paint (road marking paint), fruit coating, book binding, printing inks, soldering and drying agents, various surface coatings, drying materials for the electronics industry, synthetic rubber, gums and soaps. and detergents. Gum Rosin is also used to prevent slipping in violin bows and the bows of other stringed instruments, in fans' shoes, and on studio and stage floors.